Display Class IV

The Carl & Joy Herzog Educational Poster

2018 Educational Poster Winner “Got Clay?”

This classification not open in 2023, planning for return in 2024.

The goal for this display class is to allow poster exhibitors to share their knowledge and experience with the public and fellow society members, to enhance the appreciation and knowledge in the selection, growth, and care of Plumerias.

Information will be placed on a standard black trifold poster board 36”T x 48”W) which will be given to the exhibitors. If the poster requires additional items that cannot be placed on the poster board (for example real flowers, containers, etc.), these items may be placed and fit directly in front of the poster and not encroach upon a neighboring poster. The area is approximately 24” back width, 40” front width, and 29” depth. Per Balboa Park guidelines, there is to be no loose soil or moss on the tables.

Educational posters must be Plumeria related. Sales or promotional materials are not permitted.

All sources for the information presented, including photographs and diagrams, needs to be clearly cited, and that the preference is for it to be the exhibitor’s own work.

Limit of 1 poster entry per person.

Since these boards take lots of planning and work to complete, Exhibitors will be allowed to keep the trifold poster board after the competition. The exhibitor may be asked if the educational poster can be used at SCPS events to be able to share the information with members or the public who did not get a chance to view them at the Flower Show.

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