Once you’ve begun growing plumerias, you may be excited to try more complicated tasks like starting a set of plumeria seedlings or grafting plumerias. You may even want to move to the non-tropical climates and maintain your excellent plumeria collection.

The SCPS offers great insights into these tasks from our experts, although if you’re this serious, we invite you to any of our open meetings to meet others who are as interested as you. Become a member today!


Carl Herzog has great success growing plumerias with aquaponics. Download Carl’s Aquaponics presentation from the August 2016 meeting.

Plumeria and Hardwood Grafting by Ampol Orrungroj

Longtime SCPS member and plumeria grower Ampol Orrungroj was the first person in the US to graft plumerias, and he graciously allowed us the opportunity to document his plumeria and hardwood grafting techniques.

Modified Grafting Tool by David Mora

Many have asked for info on David Mora’s grafting tool from the June 2015 meeting.

He uses the Wal-Board Tools Outside Corner Tool, product #82-034. It is a 90-degree angle tool that he bends into a 45-degree angle with pliers and then sharpens the edges. The medical tape he uses over the graft is Smith & Nephew Opsite Flexifix Transparent Tape.

If you missed the demo, David has made a video available here.

Growing Plumeria in Colder Climates

Moving to anywhere in the US besides the near-tropical regions and want to maintain your awesome plumeria collection? Read through Kansan Scott Lawder’s experiences.

Registering your plumeria seedling

Develop a seedling you love? Make it official by registering it with the Plumeria Society of America.

Quadrisecting/splitting the tips of plumerias

Check out the amazing May 2016 presentation with Ernesto Sandovel: http://greenhouse.ucdavis.edu/conservatory/Resources.html