Being based in San Diego, most of the plumeria care information is directed to the specific needs of growers in Southern California; however, growers around the world may find useful tips if they are adjusted for their specific growing season and climate.

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What is a plumeria?

Potting Medium

Plumerias need very good drainage. The basic mix we recommend is cactus mix combined with pumice or Perlite to improve the drainage; others add with redwood chips or other compost. Plumerias will grow in poor soils and still produce an acceptable plant. If your soil drainage is poor, plant your plumeria in a raised planter bed with a good draining mix. Plumerias can successfully be grown as container plants.


Plumerias like full sun. Some plumerias will not bloom if they do not have sufficient sun light. For good blooming, 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight is needed.


  • Aphids cause leaves to curl. 1 tablespoon of Malathion to a gallon of water will control the aphids. More than one application may be required. Spray under the leaves.
  • Mites will cause spotting on the leaves. Check with your local garden center for control products.
  • Whitefly can be controlled with a strong stream of water or worm tea. A small amount of dish soap in water will also do a good job of controlling whitefly.
  • If you use a chemical to control any insects read the CAUTION statement on the label and always follow the directions on the container!

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